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23 November 2022

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Gender at COP27 – Women as Agents of Change

Women can (and do) play a critical role in response to #climatechange due to their local knowledge of and leadership in sustainable resource management and/or leading sustainable practices at the household and community level. Women’s participation at the political level has resulted in greater responsiveness to citizen’s needs, often increasing cooperation across party and ethnic lines and delivering more #sustainablepeace. At the local level, women’s inclusion at the leadership level has led to improved outcomes of #climate related projects and policies. On the contrary, if policies or projects are implemented without women’s meaningful participation it can increase existing inequalities and decrease effectiveness.


The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is rapidly approaching and will showcase outstanding gender just #climatesolutions that are implemented around the world and transform the narrative on #climateaction by bringing a #gendertransformative and risk-informed lens to decision making on adaptation and loss and damage.


Join us for an in-depth discussion with key stakeholders on what the outcomes of COP 27 mean for women globally, locally and within your immediate circles. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement to celebrate the achievements of women making strides in the sustainability ecosystem!

Date – 23rd November 2022
Time – 01.00pm – 02.30 pm

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